Try To Not Be Judgy

In the past few weeks I have been watching the news and all of the stories about the expense of living in this world going up. I live in a very privileged sector of the world economy called the Horse World. I spend the majority of my time around these amazing creatures and I am honored to do so. There is a very judgmental side to this world though. One in which people are judged for their care of their animal. I admit I have judged myself, for which I am sorry, unless the animal was not fed, watered and cleaned up after. I will not apologize for thinking the bare minimum should be given. We are entering a moment in time where we all really need to stop this though.

It Takes A Lot of These

In 2007, 2008 we entered into a recession that was quite large and hit the horse world pretty hard. Here in California people were turning their horses out in the mountains and desert regions hoping the horses would find food and water, or that maybe someone would see them and save them. How very heart wrenching to have to make that decision, one that I can’t imagine doing. Why or how someone could come to the conclusion that this would be a solution I am not sure, but it was. I pray we don’t see that this time around. With prices rising we as horse people need to not add to the pressure people might be under though. This is where the rant begins.

In every boarding facility I go to, I see horses that are clearly not getting the level of care that others are. Their owners might not come out as often as others, or they might not get a grain bucket, or their feet might be on an eight week rotation as opposed to a five or six. You name it, and someone will have something to say about it. My plea for everyone at this time is this, be quiet. If the horse has a home, is receiving food, water, and is safe, the feet are getting done, and someone, maybe not the owner, but someone has eyes on them every day be quiet. There are about to be a lot of horses on the market for sale and it is due to people not being able to afford to care for them. If we see horses being “warehoused” receiving the bare necessities we as fellow horse owners need to just be quiet. Maybe we could offer to turn the horse out, spray fly spray, and give a quick brush. If the owner says yes we do it WITHOUT JUDGMENT and say thank you for allowing me to help you.

This goes for all of the animals that are in someone’s care right now. If someone can’t afford to spend a crud ton on dog food right now but is feeding their dog something, be quiet! As long as the dog is not allergic to the food, we have to just shut our mouths and be supportive. We as animal lovers have to bring each other up right now, not tear one another down.

Well that is all I really have to say right now. I hope you are all doing well. I hope you are able to find things to be grateful for. I pray each and every one of you has a fantastic day.

Much Love,

God is Great, Most People are Good, and Kiss Those Furbabies!

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