Beautiful Hearts

I am blessed, just simply blessed to be able to work with people who follow the thoughts as I do regarding an animal and how to bring out their best.

Recently I was allowed to visit Barbara Isherwood of Harmony Barns and meet her herd of horses. It was a beautiful morning spent with her beautiful herd of Arabian horses. Listening to their chatter and what they thought should be their goals was a wonderful experience.

Barbara is a beautiful soul who does art work on wood. Barbara was recently allowed to reproduce art that was originally produced by Charlie Mackesy. When Barbara’s and my time had come to an end, she gifted me with a piece of her art. She said I could choose any of the pieces she put before me. I was so torn due to the fact that the pieces were reproductions from a book that touches my soul every time I read it. The name of the book is, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse,” by Charlie Mackesy. The piece of work that I chose is below.

I saw this piece and just couldn’t help but want it. I didn’t know what the connection to this piece was until Barbara said she calls it, “Comfort and Joy.” When I think of it now It brings tears. Horses are my happy place, the smell of a horse is where I find my joy. I just can’t help but feel that warm bubble in my heart when I see this art now.

Barbara also creates her own original pieces of wood art jewelry. Her store is called BarnArt. I bought the necklace pictured below.

I love hummingbirds because I truly do believe that if someone has a message from the other side, they will use a hummingbird, butterfly or dragonfly to deliver that message. The morning of our appointment while chatting with one of Barbara’s horses there was a hummingbird that had a special connection to one of the horses and just hovered the entire time we were working with that horse. It was a beautiful experience. Barbara informed me that she never sees hummingbirds at her property and this was a truly special experience.

Barbara has a wonderful vision for her herd and I truly believe all of this is going to blossom right before the eyes of those that are watching. The name of her 501c3 is Harmony Barns.

Thank you so much again Barbara for allowing me to meet your beautiful animals and you. I hope we get to meet up again soon.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Hearts

  1. What a beautiful piece. She’s very talented.

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