Services Offered

Equine Massage in the San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Riverside County Areas : each massage includes aromatherapy, healing energy and sound therapy, The usual length of time for massage is 60 minutes except for the first which is usually around 90 minutes. Prices dependent upon area due to travel costs

Healing Energy Sessions (anywhere in the world because I can do it from my home and you or your animal can receive the healing in your location): price is dependent upon location.

Animal Communication (Anywhere in the world because I can do it from my home and your animal will be heard) $30.00 minimum per animal which allows for thirty minutes per animal.

Lost Pet Help: while I can’t give an exact GPS I can help you to know the general direction, what the animal is seeing around them, and if their energy is available on this side of the rainbow bridge. The minimum charge for this is $75.00. We can do this anywhere in the world. What I will need is a picture of the pet and the last known address. From there I will do the communication and go over google earth for the area to get a feeling of the location. I will send the information I come up with in an email and then a phone conversation.

Local News Story About Lost Pet

Saddle Fitting: price is dependent upon area but I serve the San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Riverside Counties (travel fees may apply) We will check your current saddle for fitting, and create templates that you can use to get a saddle fit prior to purchase. I also did an entire video that is posted on YouTube teaching you how to do this for yourself.

Space Clearing in the San Diego, Orange, Imperial and Riverside County Areas: price is dependent upon area. This service is wonderful if you get that creepy feeling when you enter a room, a room just feels stuffy, or you are trying to sell your home and it is so full of your energy that when someone walks in they can’t picture it as their own. I have helped realtors sell a home in just a week after doing an energy clearing and praying over the home.

Keep an eye on the page we are adding more services in the very near future.

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