I Love Loving Them

Hi! I am horrible at blogging, that is just the facts. I just don’t know what to say most of the time, and to be honest I don’t find myself that interesting. I mean let’s look at my life, I wake up, do a Bible study, feed the cat, feed the dogs, do a load of laundry, get ready for work, do my work (which is awesome by the way) and play with my horse. I hate that it is not plural anymore. Since the last time I wrote in here I have lost both my rat terrier Gidgi, and my heart horse Annie. 2021 has still been a good year but there have been losses in our family.

One of My Favorite Pictures of Annie
My Last Photo of Gidgi

I have reached a point where some chapters are ending. Gidgi we lost on March 21, 2021. Annie we lost on June 8, 2021. Both were elderly animals who had good lives. Gidgi’s was definitely easier than Annie’s but I made the most of the 6 years I had Annie. Now I still have my Scrappy and he is definitely having some struggles as well and I will more than likely be saying goodbye to him by the end of the year as well. I will miss these animals until the day I die and am reunited with them, but I am so blessed to have had them and been their guardian.

I hear a lot of people say they just can’t open their hearts up to another animal after they lose one. I always find that so sad, if you loved the animal you lost so much, don’t you think another furry friend could use that love too? I am blessed to have had so many animals in my life that I was allowed to cherish and care for. I can’t imagine not having the stories I have with them. I am also blessed in my line of work to be a support for many pet guardians when they send their animals across the rainbow bridge.

When I am allowed to be there for an animal whether it be my own or someone else’s I am allowed to see all of my animals that have passed again in spirit form. They are what I call my animal tribe on the other side. They help me regularly with things. When I set Gidgi free from the arthritis that was twisting her body she was relieved. Annie had the same sense of relief. Buttons came back to guide Annie across and they both took off running and bucking. It was really cool to see those two reunited.

Gidgi cracked me up! I had her euthanized at home. This is honestly the absolute best way to go if you can. I hope I never have to take a dog to a vet to have them set free again. Back to the funny part. We have a RING camera for a doorbell and after we had said goodbye and the vet took Gidgi’s body out in the little basket, my ring camera went off, but it was a black screen. That little dog said, no way, not today, I am not leaving without Scrappy. So, Gidgi is around awaiting her opportunity to bite Scrappy’s face on the other side! She is still my Iddle Widdle afterall.

I do not plan to get another horse for myself at this time. Sally is more than enough for me! She is super smart, and ready to start being trained under saddle. We also adopted a puppy and named her Poppy. She is pretty precious.

Poppy at the Barn

The moral of all of this is that life keeps going forward and I hate saying goodbye to my pets, but I love that I had them for so long. Poppy is a wonderful addition to our family and I am so glad I didn’t say I would never have another dog. She has brought joy to everyone in our family and I can’t wait to see what our 15 years together holds. So much love to all of you! Oh and BTW if you dream of your animals that is usually them coming for a visit. They never leave us completely.

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