Getting Sidetracked!

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How I feel When I Wake UP Sometimes

Hi! I know it has been a little bit, and I was doing better with the whole blog thing but I have a very hard time staying on track sometimes. Hence, the title of this blog. I recently noticed that I am finding it quite difficult to stay on task and sometimes it is not even my fault, it is to cover my behind, because the path I was on was not at all leading to where I wanted to end up. There are times I realize my getting sidetracked or something falling through is probably a blessing in disguise.

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My Saving Grace

I spend a lot of time trying to ensure I get my to do list written out in the morning. I have items on my phone as well, but if I physically write the list out, I am much better. Today I had on my To Do list to make a video regarding euthanasia. The video was eleven minutes long. I was okay with the video but went a bit down a rabbit hole at one point regarding reincarnation. I was uncomfortable with it even while saying it to the camera, I eventually recovered but thought to myself, gosh darn it, should I have kept that in there. Then I went to save the edited video. Right when I was getting ready to save the video, I got a notification that I didn’t have enough memory on my phone to save the finished product. I thought the video had been saved in the iMovie app on my phone so I went ahead and deleted the original video. When I went to download the finished iMovie, I got the notification that some of the videos used to make the movie had been deleted and it couldn’t be saved. I worked on this for only about an hour, but still, where did that leave my to do list? I had done the video, but it didn’t work, I didn’t have time to record it again. I was a bit disappointed if I am honest. Then the light bulb moment hit.

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I realized that I had fulfilled my obligation for the task today, but unfortunately technology and I were not communicating properly and I was going to have to try again tomorrow. It was also for the better if I am honest; I was so uncomfortable at one point in the video it would have had a disingenuous feel. This was a blessing in disguise. This moment of being thrown off my track actually saved my behind. Tomorrow I will attempt the video again. Hopefully the message will be more on point with what I want to get across and I won’t stutter my wat through a reincarnation discussion because it will not be there.

Have an amazing days, and if you get off track do the best you can to just get back where you need to be, or put it on the next day’s list. One setback or sidetracked moment does not ruin the entire day. This blog is proof of that, before that video was even recorded, this was the topic of my blog post that I had written down to do on my list this morning. Who knew God would give the perfect scenario to illustrate exactly what I needed.


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