He Saw Ghosts

This post has taken me way too long to get put together. The problem is I have been super busy which is so awesome, the problem is I have not been able to share this amazingly spooky horse story.

Right after Halloween I was allowed to massage an amazing schooling horse in his thirties. When I am massaging I always share whatever the horse says with the owner. This day we started out like any other massage, and since I had worked on Tommy before we get to hear more about the everyday life of the horse as opposed to past memories. Tommy we have learned is way funnier than thought because he does his job so well that one would assume he to be quite conservative. As I got to his withers he says, “I saw ghosts.”


I looked at Tommy’s owner Julie and asked, rather stunned, if she had ever heard someone say they had seen, or had witnessed herself a ghost in the ranch. Julie looked at me with a perplexed looked and told me that she had not. I responded that Tommy had just informed me that he saw a ghost. Julie’s face shared my look of, ummmm, nooooo, I really hope not. We decided to just kind of let it go at this point.

Ten minutes later, Julie started to recollect that the ranch kids had made the trail “spooky” by hanging plastic bags from a tree, and that Tommy had in fact spooked at the sight and they had to change their trail ride a bit. This of course brought on quite a roar of laughter between all three of us. I love Tommy’s laugh, and he loves ours so we always have fun with him.

So while this story is not a ghost story per se, if you have ever ridden horse with a plastic bag blowing around you will know this is usually way spookier than any ghost story you will ever hear or ghost you will encounter. This was a double whammy, spooky ghosts made out of plastic bags! Thank you for the amazing laugh Tommy, you are definitely one of my favorite massage clients,

I sure would love to hear your animal’s stories!

“God Is Great, Most People Are Good, and Kiss Those Furbabies ❤️”

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