Two Days Til Valentines Day

What a great day!!!!! Hailey and I prayed as I took her to school today. She had a presentation in History to make on Cleopatra, she was pretty nervous and you could just feel the jitters coming off of her. I obviously prayed for her later in the day as well. From there I drove to my ranch to be with Annie and Sally.

As I was driving I got to a very busy intersection and a tiny chihuahua mix was out in the middle of this road. I was so scared that the tiny baby was going to get hit but I knew it would run if I tried to get it. Dogs are so scared in those type of situations. I asked a friend to post in the local groups for me since I am not a member. I again prayed this dog would get home safely somehow.

The first thing I do when get to the ranch is feed Kitty. We didn’t have an intruder last night so my heart was relieved. Kitty was not nearly as tired either. I fed him and recorded my Chat With Gato. You can listen to that here Chat With Gato. I talk about people asking for discounts from small business owners and being a larger part of our community that we live in.

Annie was on the top of my priority list today. I had to get her worked. I recently had a new farrier come out and give me a consultation where he agreed we needed to put shoes on her front hooves. Today was the first day I saw how much better she feels. She is standing square again and was actually bucking and playing! My heart was so happy❤️. She even got a sweat going today which meant I had to rinse her off. Ummmmm mare was not quite dry even after I let her hand graze around the ranch, when I put her back. That was a bad idea!!!! She rolled 😭, she looked awful🤣 I am just so happy the mare is feeling better, moving in a more sound way, and is genuinely happy again. Man I love that horse!

Annie Post Roll Dirty Girl

Christina finished up what she was doing and came back and asked if I wanted to turn Sally and a Riskey out together. I already had Sally in turn out so it was easy to just put Riskey out there. Riskey and Sally are one week apart in age and they are also related, Riskey is Sally’s uncle. He is older by one week! Christina makes me laugh because Sally is so rambunctious that Christina gets a bit nervous just walking in with Riskey so I did offer to catch her real quick and let her bring Riskey in. Sally was so stinking excited. We had no idea how this was going to because Riskey is pretty pushy with Christina’s gelding pony Casino. Sally definitely let him know that was not occurring but she wasn’t mean, just assertive. It was fun. Excuse the commentary Sally was cracking me up! Her tail is just never flat I swear she flips that thing up and thinks it gives her a super power. Riskey tries towards the end. He is the cutest little guy. (You will hear a reference to Ladybug, that is Chriatina’s French bulldog puppy)

Baby horses playing

When I picked Hailey up from school she was exhausted! The stress from presentation definitely took its toll. Poor kid, this stuff is so hard to get used to. Heck I get exhausted when I know I have to give a special presentations. We both got home and just relaxed for a bit.

I had my last appointment at 4:00 today working on a horse named Flame who is loved by my friend Lynn. They are member of the same riding club I am so we met through that. Flame has always kind of been my friend. When he got hurt a few weeks ago Lynn reached out and asked if a massage could happen especially since she had won a gift certificate at our Cowboy Challenge fundraiser. Flame’s body responded fabulously to the first massage and today was his second massage. I love my job so much and especially working on horse’s like Flame who relax and yawn, and then say thank you so much. At one point he bent himself around and showed me where he would like for me to work. Flame was just great tonight and I have fun massaging him😊

Flame when I pulled up. He kept telling me to hurry!
Lynn’s post after the massage tonight

After this I came home and hung out with my family. Steve and I made dinner together and then cleaned everything up. Hailey got to eat and go. Lol! It was nice to hang out with my hubby. I just finished up The Masked Singer. Can we talk about something? How in the heck is the White Tiger still in there? I mean seriously the judges even said he can’t pick a key or note 🤣.

Well that’s it! You all have a fantastic evening! Much love to all of you! “God Is Great, Most People Are Good, and Kiss Those Furbabies ❤️”

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