Don’t Do Things For The Accolades

Last year when I entered the show ring for the first time in a very long time, I literally went in with the mindset that I just wanted to have fun, do my best, and enjoy time with my friends. I ended up having a blast and I did enjoy the accolades that came with it. The thing is, the ribbons were just the bonus, I just wanted to achieve my goal of showing again after so many years. I will tell you, it was a ball, and while I am not positive I am going to do it again this year, I do know that I achieved my goal for last year, even though there were some hiccups along the way. If I hadn’t one even one ribbon last year, I would have kept doing it just because I set the goal to and the journey, not the destination is the actual goal.

I am finally realizing that the journey, the bumps, the bruises and all that comes with it is the actual dream. I go into every appointment wanting to make the animal and client, or just the human client feel like they actually got something out of the time we worked together. Some appointments go better than others, but one thing that I truly always want is for the people and animals around me to walk away feeling better than when they walked in. I used to think this was only for the animal, but now I realize after five years of doing this, it is so much more and the human needs this almost more than they do. The animal guardian needs to feel just as validated and fulfilled with every appointment. I love when the person who cares for the animal gets this one certain look of understanding in their eye and knows that I know how much they love their animal and how much their animal loves them. I have the best career in the world. I am nowhere near where I want it to be, but I am working towards it. Payments and thank yous are wonderful, but that look I get from people and animals when I see that connection built, rebuilt, or just acknowledged, that is the best part.

I love you all so much! Thank you for reading this. I am sorry I have been absent from here. I got a concussion and it has taken me a bit to get my motivated pants on, I felt like I have just been getting by the last few weeks. Know I am here if you need me.

Love you all,

God Is Great, Most People Are Good, And Kiss Those Furbabies!!

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