February 11, 2020 – Busy Busy at 4:30 am

Scrappy is truly a torturer. His torture of choice?!!! Making Steve and I wake up at 4:30 am! 😱 We wanted to sleep Lil Man dog! Oh my goodness why can’t the creatures and people I love so much let me sleep?! Honest to goodness I feel like it is a conspiracy to not let me sleep and torture me via sleep deprivation. That is a form of torture you know? Steve and I both were just laying their wishing we could have achieved a sleep that lasted until the alarm went off. Well enough of my griping about that but Hailey didn’t let us sleep through the night regularly until she was 4.5 years old. I am still trying to recover 🤣🤣

Mama was on point this morning once I got up! I had folded and put away three loads of laundry and put two more through the washer and dryer before 7:00 am! It was such a great feeling! I did get Hailey going and to school on time. The school started her school day with the theme song from Ducktales again! I absolutely love that cartoon! I told my older brother that was how the day started and he made sure to thank me for giving him that ear worm and it crawling around in his head 🤣🤣🤣. This is my brother that was born before I was born and his birth mother let him be adopted by a wonderful family. It was so cool when he found me! I was blessed that I got to meet him before the rest of my family. I had wondered where he was for years, him coming into my life was just so amazing. Anyway, I am so sure he is happy he got the annoying little sister he always wanted and got the cartoon song in his head! From there I started my first appointment of the day.

Grey Grey The Cat

Grey Grey the cat lives in Ecuador. He got out two years ago and his amazingly sweet owner has been searching for him every day since. The family loves the cat so so much! He is so feral now but he is alive and thriving outside. He was upset that it rained yesterday but he hunkered down under a trash can. We are praying he decides he is sick of being a street cat and goes home. He hangs out by the pool in his neighborhood, I mean you might as well be bougey if you are going to choose your own life right?!

Then I went to my barn and had to do all of my chores. Kitty/Gato had a break in last night! You can hear more about that here in my Chat with Gato on one of my YouTube channels. Sally and Annie were so nice to be around. I needed my cat and horses a lot today. I wasn’t feeling great it did feel nice just being with my barn furfamily. It is just so perfect to be out there sometimes and not talk to anyone who really gives a flying flip about taxes or adulting, and really just wants a full Haynet! Sally cracks me up! When you watch the video below remember I have to ride her someday! 😊 I truly don’t know if she can move without her tail up in the air🤣🤣

Sally in turn out

After I picked Hailey up from school I did have my last appointment for the day. This appointment was with a beautiful, and oh so sweet German Shepherd dog named Tara. She is such a stable energy and so smart! We found out there is a ghost in the building her mama works at! The spirit was attached to the land but hopefully will move on now. Tara is just one of the most amazing dogs I have been around. I love this breed of dog. I learned how to walk with the tail of a German Shepherd. It was my dad’s dog Brady. I think this breed is just fantastic. Tara was an amazing communicator I never doubted what she was relaying to us.

Tara waiting for me to throw her ball ❤️

Well from there I have just been hanging with my family and typing this blog. I hope you all had a wonderful day! “God Is Great, Most People Are Good, and Kiss Those Furbabies ❤️”

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