Sunday Funday With My Favorite Kid

Well as the new year started I was not sure what I wanted my website to be anymore. I think I have finally landed on where this is going. It is going to be a blog of my days, kind of like a diary. It won’t be fancy but it will have some stuff that might be helpful or insightful. I will still be doing my chats with Gato on my YouTube Channels and they will get posted to Facebook and Instagram. I would like to start a weekly meditation as well. So without further ado let’s get into what my day was like yesterday!

Hailey and I Ready for the day!

One of the girls Hailey considers one of her best friends named Hannah was celebrating her birthday at Dave and Busters yesterday. So we made sure we got up and ready in time. To be honest we had to go to Target first to get the gift, card, and some other items for ourselves so we were out the door by 10:00. That gave us two hours to get to the party. Hailey and I love walking around Target and looking at different things, and we do always seem to end up getting stuff that we needed but forgot that we needed at some point. You know how it is ladies when you go into that store, somehow, someway, you need another bottle of shampoo even if you have three half full ones sitting in your shower🤷🏼‍♀️. Hannah has ask for a pink fuzzy and soft blanket for her birthday. So that’s what we got. There is a funny story to this.

Hailey had requested a pink fuzzy blanket for her birthday and I had instructed the mothers of her friends that I would really appreciate it if they did not acquiesce to my daughter’s request, due to the fact that we already have a ton of blankets! I realize some would say you can’t have too many blankets, but I beg to differ, you can! When you don’t have the storage space for a poop ton of blankets you can have too many. The moms were kind and did not get Hailey another blanket.

Hailey and I got to Dave and Busters at 11:30!!! What the what?!?!?! We weren’t running in having to feel guilty because we were late?! It was a miracle straight from God himself. It had to be! It was even raining on our San Diego freeways, there was not even one accident to slow us down. Honest God this was a gift from the one and only Himself. We had a wonderful time with our friends. My friend Christina and I even played the games and had fun! We all went on a virtual reality ride they have there. That was hilarious!

From Hailey’s Snapchat
Hailey doesn’t have her mask on quite yet.

Shooting the Alien on the screen

Christina and I went as well, that video is on Hailey’s phone and I don’t want to fight the teenager for it 😊.

I tried a Bloody Mary for the first time ever yesterday. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but I am not a fan of those drinks. I don’t think you could even make one that I would like. They said I didn’t like it because it was a bad one. I guess it was pretty bad, because the drink was sent back shortly after I tried it. This was replaced by another vodka based drink, again I was allowed to try that and did not like it either but it was better. I think the moral of the story here is, stick to what you know sometimes. I like beer, wine, and tequila if I am going to drink something. Bailey’s Irish Cream is a good one too but I never have the opportunity to have that. I did try their coffee creamer in the grocery store that had no alcohol in it. That was honestly pretty good.

Hailey and I then had to get to the barn. Unfortunately, on the way to the barn we did get stuck in a slight amount of traffic due to an accident on a very windy two lane road. There was an SUV that had rolled over on it’s side. You could just tell the people had been hurt that were in the car, or at least I could. The energy was still there, so I said a prayer hoping they would heal quickly and completely, and continued our journey to Annie and Sally.

Having horses in the rain just sucks. Cleaning up wet manure and hay is heavy, and no fun, but so necessary. Of Course Gato was there. I love that cat!!!!! He came to the car and got his treats and then Hailey fed him for me. Christina had her French bulldog puppy there as well oh I love the critters at the barn. Sally and Annie are just fantastic. Sally is always so excited to see me, last night I was getting ready to leave her stall to dump the wheel barrow and she ran around and blocked the gate. She wanted more love and attention. She was a good girl and moved when I asked, but I actually thought that to be a very sweet maneuver.

Gato Hanging Out in The Back Seat of the Car

Annie absolutely loves snuggles, love, and treats while I clean. Sally does as well, her love is just a little overwhelming because she gets a bit too excited and comes in too hot! While I clean Annie’s stall I am constantly dodging her sweet head and face because she likes to be too close. On more than one occasion I have popped her in the face with my elbow or the end of the rake handle not realizing she is standing closer than she was when I went to scoop. Annie is just the best.

Annie is a professional at smiling for selfies!

We got home at 7:30 and my stepson Pierson had come over for dinner. That was really nice. My husband made a really good cheesy chicken dish. It was so good! The food at Dave and Busters was not very good at all. Christina had the Thai Salad and it was all right, I bought the five cheese fondue bread, it was not good, don’t waste your money. Overall it was a fantastic day! Thank you again to Missi for the wonderful party. Hailey and I both had a great time 😊

Well that’s it for today. My recap of yesterday. You all have a fantastic day. You will only get this day once in your life! Make the best of it! “God Is Great, Most People Are Good, and Kiss Those Furbabies ❤️”

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