Family Day October 13, 2019

I have decided to make this blog section almost a daily diary of what my day looked like. After months of trying to have Sundays with my family I was finally able to achieve it. My horses are boarded in a self-care facility and let’s face it, I am picky about who interacts with my horses. I can’t say thank you enough to my friend who Nicole who agreed to swap appointments from me in payment for feeding my girls, cleaning their stalls, and of course feeding Gato! She was awesome and sent me pictures through out her time at the ranch. I loved seeing the pictures she took and sent.

Steve, Hailey, and I went to Balboa Park for the first part of our outing. It was a beautiful day in San Diego. I was reminded why I moved here, and why I love it so much. The weather was outstanding and I just absolutely loved the energy in the atmosphere. We went to the Natural History Museum and Hailey got a bit bored in most of the sections. The parts that interested her the most were the gems made out of the different mineral crystals that were there. They were absolutely beautiful and the energy from those stones was undeniable! I also loved seeing all of the different dogs that were being walked. They were all so happy to be there. The Museum of Man had a “Living With Pets,” exhibit but Hailey was getting just straight up grouchy in that moment so we decided to move on. Steve did point out we didn’t need a museum exhibit for this, we live it everyday. He’s not wrong!

One of the funniest portions of our day was the scooter rental. Steve really wanted for us to rent scooters while we were there. He downloaded the Bird app last night and had everything set up. At one point I was walking towards the Rueben H Science museum and I realized I was no longer being flanked by Steve and Hailey. I turned around to find them at a Bird Scooter. We have no idea what happened because Steve activated the scooter, the light came on and the darn thing wouldn’t move. I was so disappointed for him. At this point we were getting hungry and decided to go to Old Town San Diego for lunch.

Hailey was hungry, tired and cranky when we left. That was fun (insert eye roll)! When we got there we put our names on the list for the restaurant we decided to go to and it was a thirty minute wait. We walked through some shops and then went to the candy shop. We bought banana salt water taffy for Reid (oldest stepson who is away at college), jellybeans and cotton candy for Hailey, and Milk Chocolate English Toffee for myself and Steve. Yummy!!!!!!

Then we went to lunch. That was fantastic as well. It is October and Old Town has amazing Dios De Los Muertes things around it was so colorful and alive. The energy was so much better than in times past.

Our original plan was to go bike riding today but there was one problem. We didn’t have any bikes LOL!!! Steve had looked on Craigslist off and on for bikes for all of us but people would not respond. While we were at lunch finally someone did and we made plans to go look at the bikes at around 4:00pm. That meant we still had a little time to kill between lunch and leaving. We decided to walk around the museums they have in Old Town. While we were doing so I kept saying if there is a ghost in here make a noise or move something LOL. That is what they do in the YouTube videos I watch. Needless to say nothing moved and I didn’t hear any voices. At one point I did get very tingly and super dizzy. I told the spirit that was not cool and went on my way.

While we were walking through I kept seeing stuff about a book called Ramona, written by Helen Hunt Jackson based on her observations while in Old Town. It was super cool and I have no idea why I never realized there was historical fiction written on my home region. This started me on a quest to find that book while we were there today. Boom did it!!!!

They tried to tell me to just order it on Amazon. Umm who do they think they are talking to?! I love to just do stuff like this on a whim. This then made me wonder if the town Ramona, where my husband always says is my home away from home was named after this book. Guess what?!?! It was!!!!!!

We then drove to La Jolla and bought the bikes we were talking about. They are super fun. I tried mine out and the dogs were chasing me all over while I did. It was fun. Steve and Hailey then took off and had a bit of fun.

Today was absolutely wonderful. I love my tiny little family. We are all we have out here in California that blood relation. We have so many friends that I love like family. I hope all of you have a place you feel is your home and your are surrounded by love.



“God Is Great, Most People Are Good, and Kiss Those Furbabies ❤️”

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